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Pozible IndieGoGo StartSomeGood Kickstarter
Organisation type Social Enterprise For-profit For-profit For-profit For-profit
Fundraising ?
Keep what you get All or Nothing Keep what you get or All or Nothing All or Nothing All or Nothing
Focus Area ? Not-for-profits, Social Enterprises and Community Groups Creative All Social change initiatives' Creative-only
Mobile-friendly ? Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Yes No No No No
? Tax deductible receipts automatically issued by platform Yes for Australian DGR charities No No No No

* All or nothing = If you don't get to your target, you get nothing. After you reach your target, you keep everything above it.


Pozible IndieGoGo StartSomeGood Kickstarter
0% 5% 4-9% 5% 5%
?Credit card
30c + 2.0%-2.9%* 30c + 2.4%-3.4% 3% 3% 20c + 3%
Fees on a $20000 campaign** $- $1,540.00 $1,900.00 $1,600.00 $1,640.00

*This amount is charged to the donor on top of their donation. We think that's more transparent for everyone. Credit card fees are dependent on country: Australia (30c + 2.0%); USA (30c + 2.9%); UK (20p + 2.4%); Canada (30ยข + 2.9%); The Netherlands (30c + 2.9%); Belgium (30c + 2.9%)
** We've assumed 200 donations of $100 each
Source: All data was sourced from respective platform's website and is accurate of 10th March 2015