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Today we're announcing the release of our fully-featured customizable donation forms for your crowdfunding campaigns.

Over the last five years, we've optimized our donation forms on Chuffed.org for one thing - conversion. When we started, the market norm was to force potential donors to create an account and login before donating. That was terrible for converting donors, so we scrapped that.

We optimized the order of how we asked for information, the payment options including introducing one-click Apple Pay payments and numerous other tweaks to make one of the best converting donation forms out there.

But while many non-profits just want to get donors through to payment as quickly as possible, sometimes it makes more sense to collect more information.

What if you need to call donors about your work; or you noticed a donor gave for the second time and you want to post them a hand written thank you note?

That's why we're introducing fully customizable donation forms. Here's what you'll now be able to create:

1 Address and Phone Number collection

Campaigners can now collect donor addresses and phone numbers. This is useful if you need to follow up with donors or if your crowdfunding campaign is part of a regular giving funnel. All the data is broken down into individual fields to suit any CRM system.

Rest assured the form is smart enough to force collection of different fields where they're required - eg. for tax deductible receipting in Canada, you need to collect the title of the donor; for Gift Aid in the UK, you need to collect addresses.

2 Default Donation Amounts

We've spent a lot of time experimenting on the optimal default donation amounts to show donors, which is how we came up with 25, 50, 100, 200 - but sometimes there's a very good reason to switch them to something else. That's now incredibly simple in the editor:

3 Custom questions and question types

You can now ask as many additional questions to your donors as you want. Want to know if they want to be a volunteer, or how frequently they want to hear from you or if they're part of a cohort of your program. You can now just ask.

We give you the option of three questions types too: a free text open response, for open ended questions; an on/off toggle; and a dropdown list that donors have to choose one from.

4 Disclaimers

Whether your running a political fundraiser or charity campaign, sometimes it's important that donors have a particular piece of information before they donate.

You can now add a disclaimer that all donors see immediately before they donate. Campaigners have already used this for legal disclaimers, to direct donors to their financial information and to tell donors about their tax deductibility status, but because it's entirely flexible, you can use it however you want:

5 Required and optional types

Sometimes you want to give donors the option of giving their phone number, but don't want to force them to. That's where required fields come in. For the default set of donation fields, you can now choose whether to force donors to give you the data before they donate, or not.

All of these options are now available to all crowdfunding campaigners on Chuffed.org -- for free!


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