By Rob Innes

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We need your help to inspire young people across the world with this 3-part video series  on YouTube with Junkee -free for anyone to watch, share and watch again!

Donations closing end of 2020!

In March 2019 Australian students defied calls to stay in school and went on strike for climate change action. 12 of them vlogged it, using only footage filmed by students, this is their story, told by them.

Released as a 3-part digital documentary series that is free to watch online, Youth On Strike! gives a unique and personal insight into Australian youth to show why climate change united a generation of smart, intelligent and mature young people.

You can watch here!

The series partnered with youth publisher Junkee who are the online distributor, and Screen Australia who are the principal investor. Youth On Strike! is both a 3-part series (3x16 minutes) and also a 49 minute standalone film made for festivals and TV broadcast.

But the documentary is not just a story, it's a project that aims to support and grow the School Strike 4 Climate movement in Australia and around the world by working with young people and putting them at the centre of the discussion, and working with stakeholders in the youth and climate space.

Our vision for the impact of this series is to first reach young people and inspire them to join the movement and demand action for climate change. Secondly, we want to inspire all Australians to not only support these young people but support the School Strike 4 Climate movement. This series will also help climate change and youth advocacy NGOs convene supporters and aid discussion around key issues.

But we need your help. We are seeking your help in putting together our impact strategy for 2020-2021. After the devastation of the 2020 Australian bushfires, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the California forest fires, Youth On Strike! is an important and positive story to inspire people across the planet.

With our impact strategy, we will do the following:

  • Education program
    • Work with educators and schools to screen the series and use the ATOM Study Guide.
    • Create a pilot screening program for education institutions and build an Education Screening Kit.
  • Australian and international festivals
    • Screen the series in film and web festivals and award opportunities.
    • Participate and engaged in Q&A's, media and panels.
  • Partnership screening and Q&A program
    • Work with organisations and groups to hold fundraising and awareness screenings.
    • Create a virtual screening kit.
    • Organise and hold virtual Q&A's on youth and climate change.
  • Build the audience
    • Social media campaign to support events.
    • Grow the social media network.

Share the series on your social media, via email, or with your network!

So far our documentary has done amazing things!

  • The series screened with the School Strike 4 Climate live stream for the May 2020 Online Climate Strike, watched by over 15,000 people.
  • The website had a 991% increase in traffic during the live stream.
  • The series has thousands of views on YouTube and Facebook with Junkee.
  • The series has been nominated for awards at the Australian Director's Awards and the Australian Teachers of Media Awards.
  • Festival selections in Germany, Spain, UK, Australia, Malaysia and more to be announced.

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