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By Jason Beitzel


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Recently my wife was diagnosed with a 14mm brain tumor. The condition is known as pineocytoma and it has literally turned our lives upside down.

We've visited with multiple specialists and spent quite a considerable amount of money on travel, consultations and treatments. All this while she's being unable to continue work. As a result of her inability to work, the financial responsibility has been solely mine and the costs are increasinhly mounting.

However just last week, we unexpectedly received a phone call from an old college classmate of mine who also happens to now be one of the top brain surgeons in the country. Through mutual friends, he had heard of my wife's condition and has offered to perform the surgery at a discounted rate. This is a huge blessing as he is performing the surgery for 1/4 of the cost but we still need your help.

This is why we have turned to crowdfunding as the last option to raise this much needed funds. Your help is greatly appreciated and please help spread the word.

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