Raining Poetry Street Festival

By The J.M. Coetzee Centre for Creative Practice

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the elevator pitch

Raining Poetry in Adelaide is a street-festival that promotes Australian poets and public art, organised and led by University of Adelaide postgraduate students under the auspices of the J.M. Coetzee Centre for Creative Practice. Poems are curated through a competitive submissions process, then printed as stencils and tagged with invisible paint on Adelaide streets. When it rains, the poems magically appear.

raining poetry?

The concept derives from a Boston-based artistic project that began in 2016: poems are temporarily tagged onto footpaths using bio-degradable paint, which only reveals itself when it rains. The paint lasts for approximately eight weeks, and is invisible when it is dry.

There will be around twenty poems displayed on the streets of Adelaide over the months of August and September 2018. These months were chosen because of their characteristically damp nature, and also because it means that this project will coincide with the South Australian Living Artists Festival. Such timing will hopefully boost the poems’ exposure.

Poems will be selected amongst submissions in English and/or Kaurna from emerging and established writers who reside in Australia. A call for submissions was sent out in late March, which is accessible via our Facebook page.

After the success of our first run last year, we're hoping to establish Raining Poetry in Adelaide as an annual festival.


Our project’s biggest expense is the all-important hydrophobic paint, which we will have to import from an overseas supplier. But other costs include, for instance, council fees, the purchase of cardboard, FabLab stencil printing and the production of zines to disseminate to donators, which all adds up in the end. Below is a brief budget breakdown accounting for our $2000 goal.

$760: hydrophobic paint
$400: festival launch
$300: council fees
$220: transport & shipping
$100: zine production
$100: FabLab printing
$70 : cardboard
$50 : FabLab induction
$2000: total


The right-hand sidebar displays a list of rewards (photos, zines, and more) you can opt to collect as a donor! Our project would be impossible without your generosity, so these rewards supplement a big heartfelt thank you from all of us at the team.

Here's to Raining Poetry in Adelaide this winter!

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