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By Fauna and Flora Research Collective Inc

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In the ancient forests of East Gippsland, giant Eucalyptus trees tower above enchanting groves of tree ferns filled with the nutmeg scent of sassafras. These ancient forests provide homes for endangered wildlife and are some of the last remaining old growth forests in Australia, but sadly they are still threatened by logging.

In November last year we stopped logging in the ancient Kuark Forest with a legal injunction.

Giant trees that have survived here for centuries are safe for now. Generous support from people like you allowed us to secure this important short term outcome.

We now need your support to see this case through in the Supreme Court - to fight for permanent protection of our precious old growth forests.

We've now identified 33 additional areas of old growth forest in East Gippsland that are threatened by logging and that our legal case will now also be fighting for.

With your support we can keep these forests safe for the future.

The Environment Department has claimed that it has no obligations to protect old growth forest – despite our legal case and thousands of emails to the Minister demanding better protection of these spectacular old-growth forests.

Unless we act, old growth forest which has never been logged will be destroyed.

Without this case - and without your support - VicForests will start tearing down these ancient forests, unchallenged.

We are working around the clock with our legal team at Environmental Justice Australia to prepare the case and defend these ancient forests. With your support, we will ensure that no stone is left unturned to protect old growth forests and keep East Gippsland’s ancient forests standing.

You can also support the case by making a tax-deductible donation directly to our legal team at Environmental Justice Australia, follow this link to contact them about this case:


Visit the Fauna and Flora Research Collective website to find out more about our work:

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