Empowering children through Education, Meditation and Yoga.

By Jay Mawaka-Smith

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Let's Build a School in New Delhi

Not only a school...

Many educators are introducing meditation into the classroom as a means of improving kids’ attention, social-emotional learning and therefore producing positive student outcomes.

Do you agree that achieving some mastery over the mind through improved awareness and concentration is essential in all human activity, but mere preaching is of little use?

This school will not be a normal school for New Delhi, even if it will follow the Indian curriculum from the government, we plan to combine study, spiritual and yogic meditative practice. This offers much more than just a way to exercise the body; it also helps our students experience emotional well-being and develop a strong sense of self.

We believe once our inner world begins to change, our outer world shifts to reflect our new perspective.

Where? Next month, I will be travelling for two and a half weeks to India to work with school children (4 - 8yrs) in and around New Delhi.

What? With the money that we raise we will be able to build a school building that will help enhance the lives of hundreds of children who deserve the right to a brighter future through education. By introducing mindfulness practices that we believe could be beneficial to children for the same reasons it helps adults, contributing to reduced stress, improved sleep quality and heightened focus.

Why Donate? Many times when asked to donate you don't get to see the impact of your donation or can't trust that the money is getting to where it should. By donating to this campaign, I will personally be taking the money to India myself and documenting the progress of the workshops and the building of the school.

ANY amount you might be able to give is welcome!

We all know that £1200 is a huge amount of money, but with your help, we can definitely make it possible. The target of £1200 covers everything needed to complete our build, we are in need of Yoga mats, Desks and Chairs, Reflooring, School Uniforms, Textbooks and an air conditioning unit as temperatures can get up to 40 degrees Celsius.

Your contribution is a gift to the future generations who will bring their knowledge, their spirit and their gratitude home to share with communities around the world.

Who’s behind this campaign.

LeNoir Foundation is an incredible social enterprise founded by Jay Mawaka-Smith & Prateek Saini, LeNoir Foundation was created exclusively for charitable purposes, specifically focused on providing relief to poor, distressed, and underprivileged children residing in India and Zimbabwe by developing academic scholarships and educational programs. We lovingly extend our hands to those in need to provide excellent, life-changing opportunities. In addition, we strive to prepare them so that they may overcome daily challenges and receive a better future.

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Team Members

Jay Mawaka-Smith

Prateek Saini