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A little bit of context

Leeds Lieder had planned our most ambitious and vibrant 10th Anniversary Festival for mid April 2020 and are desperately sad not to be able to share our programming with you, but it is clear that, due to the Coronavirus, cancelling gatherings such as our Festival is necessary to protect our audience members, our artists and our colleagues.

But there’s a problem

Ticket sales make up just over a fifth of our income, providing vital support for our performances, education work and commissioning. Forced closure represents a very serious blow to our charity. So close to the Festival we have naturally already spent a great deal of money. Without income from ticket sales we are unable to pay our artists. A large number of arts organisations are enforcing the ‘force majeure’ clause in contracts meaning that artists will not be paid their concerts fees. Artists are already facing serious financial hardship, with months of work cancelled. At Leeds Lieder we value our artists enormously. They enrich our lives. We believe that if we reach out to our audiences, we can help our artists.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

It is our intention to pay our artists 50% of their fees. We feel this is the least we should be doing, but we need your help to make the books balance. By giving generously you will ensure that Leeds Lieder can mount activity once this crisis is over.

You can join us

We love championing song, and being a vital part of the UK music scene, and we will continue to find ways of sharing our past masterclasses and concerts via social media and on our website over the coming weeks. Keep an eye on our website and social media pages for updates.

And here’s some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

Everyone who can help us is in this way, will be sent a link to download a specially recorded CD of Debussy and Mozart songs by Ruby Hughes, Kate Royal, Nicky Spence, Ashley Riches and Joseph Middleton.

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