Katie's Leadership Voyage to the End of the Earth (Literally)

By Katie Piazza

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Hey, everyone! Thank you for visiting my campaign page! My name is Katie and I was selected from a global pool of applicants to be a part of Homeward Bound - a leadership seminar that culminates in a 21-day voyage to Antarctica in November 2019!

When you make a donation to my campaign, ultimately, you are making an investment in your faith in me as a leader, passionate about the ideals that I share with Homeward Bound. I would like to use the skills that I gain from Homeward Bound to promote and make more visible the causes I care about to the public, and be in a position to educate others on those topics.

If you believe in me, or the causes I and Homeward Bound supports, please donate.

What is Homeward Bound?

First and foremost, Homeward Bound is a leadership program focusing on personal, public and professional, and global leadership development. The components of this program - women in STEMM and climate action, are studied in the context of leadership. Leadership is the yarn that will weave these complex issues together in order to arrive at a communitive global solution.

I, and the women in STEMM selected for this program, have a passion for climate action and environmental sustainability. The intention is to prepare women for leadership positions by educating them on four main principles of strategic capability, visibility, science communication, and, of course, leadership. Ultimately, the goal of Homeward Bound is to prepare women for decision-making positions in which they can advocate for policies that will protect our planet.

Why Women?

Globally, there is a low representation of women in leadership positions in all fields, particularly in the sciences. The rate of men and women entering science fields at the undergraduate & post-graduate level is nearly equal, yet the career path for women is channelled towards a "leaky pipeline", striken by workplace discrimination and bias, or choosing family committments when the workplace will not make room for both.

Recent studies have shown that women have a greater tendency to exhibit and value leadership characteristics in the workplace such as integrity, emotional intelligence, inclusivity, value of communative strength, and legacy mindset, and employees more often choose female leaders as being more trustworthy when making company decisions.

The goal of Homeward Bound is to bring more women to "the table" in order to foster a cooperative form of leadership where men and women feel comfortable and confident leading together.

Why Antarctica?

Antarctica is the backdrop to which this program takes place for three imperative reasons.

Firstly, the remote environment of Antarctica creates an ideal location to test the leadership and collaboration skills that will be taught in the 11 months leading up to the voyage. The environment encourages the participants to practice teamwork and peer-coaching.

Secondly, to embrace the introspective and reflective personal component of the program, the ideal environment must allow the participants to disengage from the busy, distracting world that is our every day lives. The striking isolation of Antarctica embraces this.

Lastly, Antarctica experiences some of the greatest impacts of climate change in the world that can be witnessed in real-time. Antarctica holds 90% of the worlds fresh water in the form of ice, making it an ideal location to study the impact of climate change globally - from an environmental, as well as humanitarian, stand-point.

Why us?

The participants selected for this program are all women with a background in STEMM who are passionate about confronting the breach of trust in leadership world-wide, as well as protecting the sustainability of our planet. The panel of application reviewers believe that we will have the greatest impact post-journey and will benefit the most from the experience.

These future leaders all exhibited a collaborative mindset, evidence of their acheivements to date being on behalf of many, and an awareness of the purpose and vision of Homeward Bound.

The women I have the pleasure to learn and voyage with are all funny, creative, authentic, insightful, and brilliant women with the determination to bring about a change.

Thank you for visiting my campaign page and for supporting me in this once in a lifetime opportunity!

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