A new type of leadership for a better future: Roshni Sharma HB5

By Roshni Sharma

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My mission: to help people embrace their leadership potential for a better future for us all.

Why is this so urgent?

In recent years it has become clear that we need more empowered leadership to support our communities in a constantly changing world. We need grounded leadership that has foresight, considers all aspects and the needs of all groups of people and leverages evidence-based decision-making. This has been shown recently with the 2019-2020 Australian megafires, political tensions globally and serious global health outbreaks in recent months.


Why I need your help

I'm honoured to have been selected from many applications as one of 80 women to be part of Homeward Bound in 2020. Homeward Bound is a one-year leadership training program that began in November 2019 and culminates in a three-week intensive course as the final leg of the program on-board a ship in Antarctica in November 2020. 

An integral part of being part of Homeward Bound is visibility - striving to become a role model to others in the community of what leadership looks like, and working hard to create initiatives that empower the next generation and creates positive change in the world in compassionate, empathetic and inspiring ways. The Homeward Bound program comes at a cost of AU$30,000 - which is a lot for me.

I have a passion for helping other people achieve their best. I need your support to be able to complete this program so that I can be in a better position to give back to the community in bigger ways. The Homeward Bound program will help me to understand how I can demonstrate leadership more effectively, but more importantly, how I can empower those around me to embrace their leadership capabilities. 

How am I striving to embody leadership and inspire others?

Over recent years, I have been working hard in a volunteer capacity to make a tangible positive difference to the community. My most recent projects, initiatives and achievements include:

  • Working at national level to assist in the coordination and delivery of the SSSI National Bushfire Recovery Map-a-thon, in response to the 2019-2020 Australian Megafires which had over 500 people participate globally.
  • Founding and leading a sustainable model engaging young professionals through a matured mentoring program successfully rolled out nationally in the SSSI Young Professionals Mentoring Program, which has supported almost 400 participants over two years in Australia and internationally.
  • As Chair of SSSI National Young Professionals, leading and developing a strong committee from across the nation to offer a range of initiatives, including a suite of professional development opportunities through engaging Young Professionals events at regional and national level. These have included new delivery platforms such as webinars that break down geographic barriers and allow members and non-members to participate from locations all over Australia. The recent free four-part webinar series, ‘Upgrades to Australian Geospatial Reference System’, attracted over 1,000 participants from Australia and overseas.
  • Working towards improving collaboration and communication between industry and academia as part of the SSSI National Education Committee.
  • Working to provide leadership at regional levels as Vice-Chair of the SSSI Regional Committee and Chair of the Hunter Environmental Institute in 2019.
  • Organising and delivering successful Young Professionals and Industry Engagement program components as part of my role on the organising committees of national and international conferences, including two-day Young Professionals Symposium and three-day Hub at the Locate20 conference in Brisbane in April 2020, a day-long Young Professionals Program with almost 100 participants at the South East Asia Survey Congress in Darwin in August 2019.
  • Founding and leading Vistaar Soft Skills Solutions, a small business designed to offer clear and targeted training, coaching and development for students, graduates, young professionals and organisations in STEMM industries to balance their strong technical skills with effective soft skills, empowering individuals and businesses alike to become more outward-facing, stronger in explaining what geospatial can do for a broader market base and the insights to have greater employee satisfaction and career visibility.
  • One of the 17 individuals invited to be the Australian delegation to the United Nations World Geospatial Information Congress in 2018.
  • Contributing to the strategic leadership of a national member-based organisation as a SSSI Board Member from 2018 to present.


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