Help PPE get made + delivered to every front line worker, now!

By PPE maker network

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A little bit of context

Hi I'm Luke and Adam is Adam.
We saw countless beautiful humans mobilising to source materials, design open source files for making desperately needed eye protection, make masks, sew overalls etc.

However, many many people are missing certain ingredients to make more PPE faster, if they're able to make any at all:

  • Work space
  • Tools
  • Materials
  • Hands on deck
  • People to help deliver
  • Etc

So we created PPE maker network to network together everyone making PPE.

Take a look at
and see how it works.

Our goal is to connect hundreds (hopefully thousands) of makers within the next month; enabling the production and delivery of thousands (if not millions) of items of *high quality* PPE - to where it's needed most urgently.

Where your donations will be spent

While there are countless amazing maker projects who need more budget for their materials, tool costs, delivery, etc,
we decided it shouldn't be up to just me and Adam how the money is spent - we want this to be run by and for the network of makers - so please hop over to Loomio for hopefully the most transparent + participative budget you've ever donated to!

You'll see other discussion threads there too, if you'd like to have a voice in other aspects of how this project functions.

Thank you!

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Team Members

Luke Flegg

Adam Bates