Empower Millennial Voters & Volunteers

By Growing Empowered Together (GET)

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 Stand Up. Speak Up.

Vote & Volunteer! 

Why vote? We deserve leaders who care about our communities, our environment, and equitable opportunities for health and happiness. It's up to us to elect leaders who will represent our values and our needs. When we vote, we use our voices and our power to elect policy makers who reflect our community's needs. 

Why volunteer? The power of civic engagement doesn't stop at the polls. Volunteers are community champions! There are some pretty amazing people volunteering in your community right now to protect what you love and to fight for your rights. Volunteering is a great way to meet likeminded people and be a part of something bigger than yourself. 

People who vote AND volunteer are heard the loudest. 

More young voters needed!

Voting is a numbers game. If the people who share your values don't vote, then a candidate who cares about your values probably won't win. You already know - That can be ugly! 

Millennials are the largest and the most diverse generation in American history. Our vision for our future matters! And, our vision will become a reality if we stand up, speak up, and vote.

 Only about 10% of Texas millennials voted in the 2018 Primaries, and less than half of eligible millennial voters showed up for the 2016 Presidential elections.  

But, there's change in the air, voter turnout is increasing, and the buzz is that millennials will be the largest group of voters in 2020. Let's make that a reality together!

Here’s what we’re doing about it

GET excels at "cool-hunting". We dig deep into communities throughout San Antonio, the second largest city in Texas, and find the most civically engaged young folks out there. They care about the issues that impact their communities. They enthusiastically vote. And, they enthusiastically volunteer. Our work involves giving those exceptional young people a louder voice and more visibility, so they can share their enthusiasm for civic engagement with others. 

We produce a public access television series called Millennial Matters and an awesome new political podcast called the GET It podcast. The television show highlights young role models for civic engagement who often exhibit other amazing talents, such as singing, dancing, poetry, or activism. The GET It podcast focused on reaching out to young people who may feel disenfranchised from the voting process. Our charismatic podcasters educate their rapidly growing audience in a way that's appealing to both voters and nonvoters alike. Each show utilizes a significant amount of volunteer work and techical know-how from our all-youth film crew, and each and every show has been an amazing experience for everyone involved!

We take action to live up to our name by collaborating with, learning from, and honoring, the like-minded organizations in San Antonio. In our first two years of operation, we've collaborated on projects with dozens of community leaders and different organizations. We've also filmed LIVE from different businesses in San Antonio, so our online viewers can jump into the scene with us. 

We're hopeful and determined. We're inclusive. We work creatively smart to make positive changes for all. And, we ARE Growing Empowered Together. 

You can join us

We depend on the financial contributions of our supporters to help us pay for the equipment needed to film, edit, and promote our work. We're a volunteer-run organization, so every dime that you donate goes toward our programming essentials. 

Want to volunteer on an important project? If you're a young person with creative skills, then we may have the perfect spot for you on our crew. If you don't do any of that, then we can help you connect with other organizations that are a perfect fit.  Just ask. It's easy!

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