Reduce Rescue Reconnect for a Beautiful Earth

By fabe

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All around the world, humans and a multitude of other species face dire threats from climate chaos, fueled by runaway human consumption.

We believe that it is time for each of us to take action in our own lives to reduce consumption, rescue species from extinction and animals from abuse and death, and reconnect our lives to the natural world.

We are building an app called fabe which will give you the tools to do that. At the heart of fabe is a library of 350+ cimate actions (and rising!) that are collected together in climate action plans. 

Use these plans to (a) live and consume more intentionally in the world, (b) find opportunities to help heal our planet and (c) inspire others to do the same by reporting your progress and successes.

With a team of 30 volunteers from all around the world, we've released the first version of our app, which you can install by going to

But climate chaos is ramping up fast. We plan to hire full time staff to continue developing fabe on a more rapid timescale. We want to promote fabe widely, to get millions of people on board with a new 3Rs for the twenty-first century: reduce, rescue and reconnect.

With your help, we can get fabe in the hands and phones of people who are looking for ways to make a difference and have an impact. Thank you for your donation.

fabe is a non-profit based in Montreal, Canada.

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