Support Direct Action To Stop Adani

By Galilee Blockade

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The price of coal is high. The price of our politicians is low. Adani could be on track to start 'developing' the Galilee Basin later this year. The time for Direct Action is now, BEFORE financial closure.

Our powerful media launch has led to an overwhelming level of support around Australia. People are excited that they can stay in their own city/region and still target Adani and their friends with Direct Action.

We’ve already started connecting people into local action groups around the country. The next step is to train as many of the 9000+ people registered for Non-Violent Direct Action as want it. This is serious business and needs to be done well so actions are safe and effective. This campaign will:

  • Subsidise professional training of Non-Violent Direct Action groups around the county
  • Help promote campaign media online to key target groups
  • Pay for resources you’ve asked for like flyers and stickers

We're not an NGO, just dedicated volunteers. Funds go into a Galilee Blockade Paypal account to be monitored by multiple team members in different states. Please contribute what you can and share with your friends and networks. Thank you. Together we will win!

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