Cuba Solidarity Flash Fundraiser

By Black Rose Anarchist Federation

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Our Cuban comrades

This past May 2018 comrades in Cuba took a major step forward in their 10 year journey to rebuild an anarchist presence on the island with the opening of the ABRA Social Center and Library in Havana, Cuba. The opening of a physical space now allows the different organizations and projects to have a home base for their organizing and education efforts.

The Jornada Primavera conference

ABRA will be hosting the upcoming IV Jornada Primavera Libertaria or 4th Libertarian Spring Conference May 4-11th which will feature a range of open workshops, presentation, and discussions by the sponsoring groups which include Centro Social y Biblioteca Libertaria ABRA, Taller Libertario Alfredo López, and Guardabosques.

The Miami local of Black Rose/Rosa Negra has developed an ongoing relationship with our Cuban comrades including visits between the U.S. and Cuba. As an extention of our relationship and in support of our comrades in Cuba, we are hosting a flash fundraiser to sponsor the costs for food and amenities at the conference.

Support independant left movements in Cuba

We invite everyone who supports independant and autonomous left movements in Cuba to contribute a modest amount of $5, $10, or $20, in support of a successful Jornada Primavera. All funds raised will be personally delivered to the conference organizers.


Above: Entrance to the ABRA Social Center and Library.

ABRA 02Above: First open assembly after the founding of ABRA.

Above: Childcare during a meeting at ABRA.Above: Dialogue between environmental activists, Afro-Cuban religious practicioners, and researchers conveened by Guardabosques.

Above: Participants in weekly sewing classes held at ABRA.

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