Animal Rebellion - September 2020 Rebellion!

By Animal Rebellion

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Who are we?

Animal Rebellion is a mass volunteer movement that uses methods of nonviolent civil disobedience to end the animal agriculture and fishing industries, halt mass extinction and minimize the risk of climate breakdown and social collapse.

We are seeking to create the change necessary for a better future for all. We stand for truth, justice, and equality for all humans and non-human animals.

We cannot carry on as business as usual. The system is killing us.

The Government is failing to keep us safe. They ignored the warnings about coronavirus and now they’re ignoring warnings of a 4˚C world from their official Committee on Climate Change. A 4˚C world could mean billions of human deaths – with racially marginalised communities, and those in the Global South on the front line.

We need action. Now.

Without drastic action, Earth’s temperature is on course to rise by a terrifying 4°C by the end of the century. That amount of heating would make some parts of the world impossibly hot for people and animals to live on. Sea levels will rise, and could flood the homes of hundreds of millions of people, eventually submerging some countries completely.

On 1st September, the Rebellion returns to the streets of the UK.

We invite everyone who is sick of the lies, injustice, inequality and harm, to join us - and to donate to help this rebellion win.

How can you help?

This is why we ask YOU the public to help us take action on this climate, ecological and health emergency. We need people to donate monthly in order for us to cover the essential costs of fighting for justice, equality & truth. Donate to help us grow local groups, train and support thousands of rebels right across the UK - and create the powerful rebellion we need to win.

We know times are hard. Thank you for what you can give.

MATCHED DONATIONS: For this campaign, a very kind donor has offered to match all donations. So, with each kind gesture, your donations will be doubled!

Keep your movement moving, with love and rage.

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