New Energy Future for Alaska: Pumped Energy Storage & 100% Renewable Energy

By Alaska Institute for Climate & Energy/Climate Action Network

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Why Pumped Energy Storage?

Alaska has world class renewable energy resources yet we remain stubbornly dependent on old fossil fuel energy to fill our state coffers and meet our own energy needs.

A major barrier is the absence of affordable storage to allow the efficient integration and management of intermittent energy sources like solar, wind and tidal energy.

The Alaska Institute for Climate & Energy (ALICE) has a solution: use water to store energy when we have it in excess and generate energy when we need it. Technically, it's called Pumped Energy Storage (PES) and Alaska has an abundance of potentially suitable sites.

Knowledge of PES is slowly getting out but not fast enough to transition Alaska away from fossil fuels in time to avoid serious economic and climate disruption.

Upgrading the existing Eklutna Hydroelectric Plant just north of Anchorage for PES is a cost-effective first step that would lower the cost of electricity for ratepayers from Homer to Fairbanks and move Alaska solidly towards a new energy future.

[To review our Phase I report to the Governor on the Eklutna PES + wind concept, click here.]

Here's the plan...

We will build on the Phase I work with our amazing team of Alaskan technical experts to identify the right mix of PES + renewable energy to build pave the way for a New Energy Future for our state.

Because we know that wind, solar and other non-fuel energy sources are cheaper than fossil fuels, both in the short and long run, our report will be impossible for Alaska's energy decision-makers to ignore.

Let's change the conversation about Alaska's energy future; a future beyond oil.

Join us:

You can be a part of this exciting project! Give $5, or $50 or $500 today. Talk to and share this link with your family, friends and colleagues. Help us ignite the power of the grassroots to launch the long-overdue New Energy Future for Alaska!

What we need:

$5,000 is the minimal cost to pay our multidisciplanary team of engineers, geologists, renewable energy, GIS and biological assessment experts to map and cost out the New Energy Future Plan. They are working at "low-bono" rates because -- like you-- they believe in a clean, zero-emissions future for Alaska.

What you get:

In addition to the satisfaction that comes with supporting a great idea, for $50 or more your name will be listed as a donor/supporter in the Report. Go down in history as one of the visionaries who launched Alaska's New Energy Future!

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