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The Australian Dental Outreach Foundation Incorporated (ADOFI) provides oral care to the neediest members of the community, across Australia and the world. The foundation aims to raise funds for our delivery partners to provide dental services to regional and remotely located school aged children, the elderly and individuals including the disabled who suffers the greatest burden of disease.

Services provided are undertaken via mobile dental clinics and performed by Dentists, Oral Health Therapists, Hygienists and Dental Assistants. The program also includes oral health education seminars for patients, schools, carers, professional staff and families alike.

Today, in South Australia…

  • 50% of children under 6 have decay on a baby tooth.
  • 50% of children under 12 have decay on an adult tooth

And decay isn’t the only issue. Many school age children suffer from a build up of plaque, misaligned teeth, even protruding jaws. Imagine for a moment if you had crooked or rotten teeth. It would impact negatively on
your self-esteem. How would you feel walking into an important meeting or going on a date?

Children with low self-esteem are reticent to engage with others. This stunts the development of their social networks and hinders their participation in class. In many cases, it leads to bullying. And, in some instances, on-going mental health issues including depression.

Imagine fearing your next meal.
Our state’s All of this isn’t even taking into consideration potentially excruciating pain that can be caused simply by chewing food.

Not just poor families.
Our state’s centralised model of health care has diminished care at a local level. This means that people in the country have reduced access to dentistry services.

But, there is hope.
Our foundation provides mobile dental treatment and education to schools, aged care sites and other facilities across the country. The services provided are reducing the barriers for people from various walks of life, no matter their location to enable access to vital dental treatment which in turn is improving the lives of thousands.

How you can help
Donations of oral health products, financial contributions and/or volunteering your time are the three components which will assist in making our foundation grow, enabling us to reach a greater proportion of the population to provide vital oral health services.

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ADOFI is a Deducatable Gift Recipient registerd charity under ACNC (Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission). All donations over $2 are tax deducatable in Australia.

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