Spider-Ede Marathon Madness

By Liz Buckley

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Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Sadly, as some of you will know, my friends daughter Edie (3 yrs) has recently been diagnosed with a rare brain tumour, Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG).

The location of the tumour in the centre of the brain means that they cannot operate and surgically remove it.

DIPG is an aggressive tumour, the only treatment available in the U.K. is radiotherapy which would possibly alleviate symptoms temporarily but would still mean that we would still lose Edie. There are, however, promising treatments available overseas.

Edie has been accepted on a DIPG treatment program in Monterrey, Mexico, here they specialise in this particular type of tumour.

This gives Edie a chance.......but obviously comes at a cost. Edie’s family are trying to raise £300,000 to give her that chance.

In order to support them, I have decided to challenge myself and run 3 (because Edie is 3 years old) marathons over the coming months, Wrexham 11/3/18, Blackpool 22/4/18, and Liverpool 20/5/18.

My decision to do marathons comes from previous experience of the agony of doing so. I ran one back in 2011, and after that, vowed I would never do it again! This now, even after two children and several years older, is nothing compared to the hell Edie’s family are going through.

It would be amazing if you could sponsor me to support/encourage me in this challenge......I think I’ll need it!!

If I make my target of £2000, I will enter a 4th marathon later in the year. So please donate, even it is just to inflict more suffering!!

Many thanks


Website: www.spider-ede.org.uk

Facebook: The Spider-Ede Appeal - DIPG Awareness

Twitter: @Spideredeappeal

Instagram: the_spider_ede_appeal

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Liz Buckley