Australia, it's time.

By Prashan Paramanathan

13th September '17

A little over a year ago, in the middle of the Australian bush, I stood amongst all the people in the world that I love the most, and married my wonderful wife, Mel.

Mel is white, I'm not - which should be totally irrelevant.

Except, not that long ago, it wasn't.

Sixty years ago, in Australia, had Mel been Indigenous, we would have had to beg for legal permission to get married. In many US states at the same time, we could've been arrested for living together.

It was a combination of brave people putting their love first, campaigning, voting and parliamentary courage that overturned those unjust laws.

Just like then, we have the opportunity to move history forward, to remove the last element of discrimination in our Marriage Laws and to let our gay and lesbian friends, colleagues and loved ones get married.

Leaving aside the ridiculousness of how the rights of the few are again being decided by the many, we have a unique opportunity to do what's right and vote Yes.

In sixty years time, our grand kids will look back at the ban on gay marriage, the same way we look at bans on interracial marriage.

The question they'll be wondering is which side of  history was my family on?

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